Did you ever want to send an email to someone without them knowing exactly who it was that sent it?

Maybe a certain co-worker of yours unknowingly possesses some odoriferous quality and you would like to advise said co-worker as to where he or she may be able to purchase some soap.

Perhaps there's a certain professor who mis-graded a test or paper and you wish to inform the professor of some unique hiking opportunities of which he may want to take advantage.

Has your BFF recently changed into an EX-BFF?
Have you almost given up on the cable company?
Does somebody really need a good talking to?
Is the feces about to make contact with the rotating air cooling device?

Let them know how you really feel!

Date 07/22/2014
Subject Unfair practice
Sorry to say your company is too dishonest. You say you give free jute bag but actually you charge and give discount which I could have on my bill without taking jute bag.
My friend went to Shanghai and got a discount at the till on spending over £300 by Union Pay. I go the next day by different flight at a different time and the cashier said that my discount would be given to me by Union Pay and that it was not possible to give me a discount for spending over £300 at the till.
I cannot understand why your procedures are different at different times of day. I know that you have different management and staff at different times of day but the procedures should always be the same in all the terminals.
I think your company's procedures should be the same and all staff and Management should be fully knowledgeable on these.

I shall tell all my friends about the cheating British company.
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Date 07/21/2014
Subject Brooklyn's Blueman
I am going to paint you blue & take you to the Pyramid. For your sake you better hope there is a a solar eclipse & the gods are plaesed. Otherwise im goin to get Temple of Doom on you & down the steps you will go. Run for the Jungle & climb a tree.

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Date 07/21/2014
Subject jerk
Just what do you think your doing seriously you need to back off your such a jerk get a life
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Date 07/20/2014
Subject Tenants: KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! (LA)
You are a fuckin dumb ass loser, who will only be a tenant and never own anything your entire life. Just keep on paying your rent you fuck face. Give that rent check to that greedy landlord. You work soooo hard for all your money you stupid fuck. Maybe if you would be kind enough to suck your landlords cock he would give you a break in your rent. You are a little bit of a fag no?
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Date 07/19/2014
Subject You Suck
Fat Bastard...

I don't know what sucks worse...

Your website or you?
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Date 07/19/2014
Subject Truth
What does Billy Hancock have in common with the priest sex abuse cases?
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Date 07/19/2014
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Date 07/19/2014
Subject Feedback on last event
Hi - just some feedback from guests - the photographer at the last event was really, really creepy. He literally hit on every girl that walked through the door and spent just about all the time working them , taking pictures together with them, and trying to get their phone numbers rather than doing his job and unobtrusively photographing the event. Really unprofessional, really creepy, especially for what is supposed to be a professional networking event. Please find someone else or I won't be back. Thanks
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Date 07/18/2014
Subject Screw you Bastard!
You know what? Im Done! All the time, you
just played with me, and now you want me to forgive you? Well FUCK YOU! I believed you so many times, and every time, you gave me your word, that you wont cheat on me again! But just a few days later, i find you with another fucking whore! What kind of a freak are you? Was it fun to use me as a sex doll? yeah? was it so funny? If so, i hope you rest in hell, you motherfucking faggot! IM DONE! Dont call me again, you perv!
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Date 07/17/2014
Subject Helms Deep
You sought refuge similar to the way of your Ancestors did in the Canopy of the Congo Plains. Walking upright does not suit you. Perhaps it is time go back to the Trees.
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Date 07/15/2014
Subject Surprise
Just to wish you a sunny day!

If you are able to find me, I will invite you for an ice cream

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Date 07/15/2014
Subject Casper
Is a not so friendly ghost. He follows you through his dept & into the parking lot. He is thirsty & wants your Milk Money. He hates all things that are not Ghost White. BOO! Watch for the lone Wolf.
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Date 07/15/2014
Subject Horoscope - 15/07/2014
You may crave to meet people you get along with well and organise a get together for him. Money matters, dues with friends should be cleared. Some may not ask for as relationship matters more to them then money. There is practically nothing that can stop you from realising your dream on the academic front. You are likely to remain in a strong position on the financial front. An ailment that had been recurring in the past is likely to totally disappear.
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Date 07/14/2014
Subject advice
The love is obvious the way you look at each other. Get it sorted before you lose him. At your age you should take what you can get and he is sound.
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Date 07/14/2014
Subject To Deborah
When you were a child, what did you dream of? Did you dream of a beautiful world filled with happy people? Or did you dream of a world full of selfishness and hatred?

The world will be a better place if we all work together in harmony.

Be reasonable. Be respectful. Be fair. Listen to your workers. Don't tell them to do something you know in your heart isn't possible.

We are all going through hard times, we are all going through stress. We have people we need to take care of, people that depend on us. We are all doing the best we can.

Don't be afraid to risk your pride. People admire those that aren't afraid to admit they're wrong. It takes guts and confidence in yourself to go to someone and say, "I'm sorry. I was wrong." Those are the people that others look up to.

When you look in the mirror, see yourself as a person that people would want to be around. See yourself as the person that will brighten up people's days when you walk into the room. Now be that person.

I believe in you. Believe in yourself.
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Date 07/14/2014
Subject That must be true...
Sea slugs are scum sucking invertebrae. Land slugs are slimy mollusc-brained cabbage eaters. But you are just Shithead. You are as insignificant as a fossilised pile of wombat droppings. And yet you persist in being. Why? Do you not realise that the world would be an infinitely better place, one in which we could all happily exist, if only you didn't? Even at an elemental level, I know atoms, electrons, nuclei go screaming in horror from your mere presence. What in God's name gives you any suggestion that you have any right to even exist? You are clearly not of this world but of some gaseous giant. Why is it that on those unfortunate occasions when I think of you the words "slushy methane" come to mind? The protoplasmic prejudices you pass off as thought have, I observed, the uncanny effect of silencing any meaningful conversation. People forget entirely what they were talking about as they vainly, stupidly even, try to make logical sense out of your oxymoronic utterances. I have had fantasies about attacking you with a machete, but I dare not. I once cut up a starfish, which was so neurologically simple that each piece grew into a clone of the original. Your coleopteron brain no doubt shares certain appalling similarities with such creatures. If you once had any redeeming quality, it has been strangled and garrotted by your other brutish traits. To matters simply: you disgust me. Go away. Forever. Begone. Desist. Drop dead. To have you enter a room is the social equivalent of walking up to someone with a wet, cold, soiled nappy and slapping it in their face. Have you ever wondered why you have no friends, only people who do their pathetic best to avoid you?
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Date 07/13/2014
Subject Dummkopf
Hallo Dummkopf,

hoffentlich hast Du's begriffen !

Du Schweinehund !
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Date 07/12/2014
Subject Brad Paisley
Brad Paisley,you are one creepy child molester and your wife Kimberly Williams is one creepy whore and your sons William and Jasper are just creepy perverts.
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Date 07/12/2014
Subject te amo en silencio
No lo sabe nadie, no lo sabe ni el viento
solo lo sabe mi alma y si me preguntan...miento
te amo en silencio, ni siquiera tu lo sabes
eres mi secreto... yo... yo, se lo que vales.

No lo sabe nadie, ni siquiera la luna
no lo sabe el tiempo, ni estrella alguna
lo sospecha mi almohada, porque eres dueƱa de mi sueƱo
lo intuyen mis sentidos, lo saben, quiero ser tu dueƱo

Te amo en silencio y ha escondidas
te quiero a ciegas... aunque pasen mil vidas
no lo sabe nadie pero muero por tu amor
solo lo sabe mi alma que se muere de dolor

Eres mi secreto mas oculto y no puedo gritarlo
te amo en silencio y no puedo evitarlo
y aunque no lo sepa nadie yo me muero por ti
que te amo en silencio, tortura sin fin
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Date 07/11/2014
Subject You will want to read this!
Just last week I was enjoying dinner with my husband at our favorite Mexican restaurant when I saw her leaving the restaurant and you coming in! After seeing you both in the same room and neither of you having a clue about the other I wanted to share this with you. I emailed both of you and I don't think either of you wanted to believe what I had to say.
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