Did you ever want to send an email to someone without them knowing exactly who it was that sent it?

Maybe a certain co-worker of yours unknowingly possesses some odoriferous quality and you would like to advise said co-worker as to where he or she may be able to purchase some soap.

Perhaps there's a certain professor who mis-graded a test or paper and you wish to inform the professor of some unique hiking opportunities of which he may want to take advantage.

Has your BFF recently changed into an EX-BFF?
Have you almost given up on the cable company?
Does somebody really need a good talking to?
Is the feces about to make contact with the rotating air cooling device?

Let them know how you really feel!

Date 09/02/2014
Subject Soring
We Found out that new coach for atom A1 is a coach from the spring team, same as last year conflicts.
Will he follow his kids to PeeWee again next year and chose them all again? I Predict he choses all his spring team kids like he did last year. A3 was full of older kids last season because he chose all his spring team kids.
We will wait and see if he choses the whole team again but the evaluators already released 2 of those kids. Why is he allowed to coach and pick the same kids? I hope he doesnt follow them to peewee next year. So many people are watching to see if the entire spring team gets picked again and worry.
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Date 09/02/2014
Subject celebrity photograph leak details (NOT iCloud)
The leak did not come from iCloud as rumoured. Evidence since has revealed the existence of a trading ring on the "dark web" that was bought into by the anonymous leaker and had their files distributed publicly.

This explains the presence of images deleted years previously and photographs obviously not taken with Apple devices. It's also much, much more disturbing.
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Date 09/01/2014
Subject Friend
Awwww, are you worried about new "friends"? So what if the girl is a liar....you know that's not going to stop Him flirting and getting away from you!! He doesn't need you....realize it. You aren't and never will be worthy! You are disgusting!
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Date 09/01/2014
Subject pit bull dog reporting.
There is a put bull dog on this house. I'm scare for the safety of my family. This is the second time this have been reported and they just romove the dog for a while and then they bring it back

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Date 09/01/2014
Subject Hallo Claudia
schade Kindergarten ist zu, kann dich nicht mehr seen, was machst du, will dich treffen. gruß Heinz aus Büdingen
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Date 09/01/2014
Subject I wil tel her
I haf 2 protect azie. I wil gif her yur no n she wil noe who u r.
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Date 08/31/2014
Subject Dem Feet
ICK no one wanna be rubbing dem ugly ass gross weird looking feet! U have ugliest feet Ive ever seen Ewww just Ewww
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Date 08/31/2014
Subject I saw you
Yesterday I saw you at a place you should not be at. What were you thinking??
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Date 08/31/2014
Subject Camarada
Comunista pero con las propiedades ajenas vete a vivir a Vzla,cuba todas las personas que te conocemos te tenemos fastidio por lo bruto tus correos aburren,ni que decir de ese mal aliento, utiliza enjuague bucal sucio.
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Date 08/31/2014
Subject Warned
How many times were you told what she was like? It is obvious you love her and are devoted to her but she has chewed you up and spat you out, unlucky but you were told.
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Date 08/30/2014
Subject Friend
So are you going to open your eyes? He doesn't care so why do you hang on? You are going to keep looking pathetic like you always have. You are a joke. Everyone is laughing at you.
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Date 08/30/2014
Subject Adam talks shit about you
He tells other people you are fat and he does not find you attractive. Why do you stay with him??! It ain't like he is good looking or wealthy or has a great personality. He carries his shit/fuck dog with him everywhere and dresses it up. Don't blame you for wanting to kick it to death. Make a better example for your daughter and dump his ass for good.
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Date 08/30/2014
Subject Hiding?
Not seen you out, too ashamed to show your face?
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Date 08/30/2014
Subject scum of the earth
You are such a dirtbag. Walking around with that stupid smug look on your face. Thinking your so Smart & some how the World owes you. Well guess what jerk face bite me! When the time is right im going to bounce your head down the street like a basketball. I am practicing my free throw in the meantime in preperation.
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Date 08/29/2014
Subject ban
TAB....now there's an organization of integrity and good repute!! I think TAB stands for Take Any Buck.

...today The TAB CEO came out and asked for a ban on offshore operators....punters wouldn't have to go offshore if the useless corporates started taking bets and providing a proper service....
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Date 08/28/2014
Subject The sauce
that shit can make it easier to get your ass lied to. and makes it easier to believe the lies. and makes you tell lies. but you can't remember the lies you tell because you drown them in a bottle. bad for business.
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Date 08/28/2014
Subject fuck yol
Airdee,Tweezy,Seangreaig,Lunatic and Bizboy yol illuminati puppets!
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Date 08/28/2014
Subject xox
Stop sending me messages you piece of shit. Leave me the fuck alone - Kailey
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Date 08/27/2014
Subject sleeping while on duty
let this be a warning to you. next time that i see you sleeping i will bring this up to your supervisor and Rory.

you are being payed by the company to work, not to sleep.
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Date 08/27/2014
Subject Your so called girlfriend
So I don't know if you will even get this since we are sending it to your Facebook acct ... But we've been told by several people that you and Misty are together. \
But there's things you should know there's a couple of guys she flirts with and two we know for sure she has seen since October of last year. One is married. One we know for a fact she went out and we herd that she told you she was with her friend Allison which Allison told one of her friends that Misty forgot to tell her until you three were out somewhere. Anyway did you not see her rubbing her legs on the guy in front of you and her at the station and do you know who he was??? Ask her lets just say initials are C.K !! She has told everyone she doesn't want to get tied down and gets tired of someone well buddy she must be tired of you she has told some people you live together ,then others you just stay there and won't leave well we wondered why someone she is tired ove she brings to the company picnic and why did she make you all sit way away from everyone!!! ....... There were several that thought it was ballsy on her part! And no your not getting this from a pissed off chick she works with! You seem like a good guy I believe we herd you say you two want to get married? Well if you do I'd sure ask her to quit meeting other guys after work. You know how all guys love to brag and cannot keep nothing a secret! You may or may not get this we hope you do we would hope if you were doing the things she has done someone would have the guts to tell her. Good luck bro . }
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