Did you ever want to send an email to someone without them knowing exactly who it was that sent it?

Maybe a certain co-worker of yours unknowingly possesses some odoriferous quality and you would like to advise said co-worker as to where he or she may be able to purchase some soap.

Perhaps there's a certain professor who mis-graded a test or paper and you wish to inform the professor of some unique hiking opportunities of which he may want to take advantage.

Has your BFF recently changed into an EX-BFF?
Have you almost given up on the cable company?
Does somebody really need a good talking to?
Is the feces about to make contact with the rotating air cooling device?

Let them know how you really feel!

Date 07/29/2014
Subject Tonight
Hello sweet blonde with the red dress on. Can we have sex tonight, after a little Duffy's? If not tonight, definitely Thursday. I love watching you open your mouth up real wide. you have nice tonsils
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Date 07/29/2014
Subject Aquarium of the Atlantic
I have decided to turn you into Chum for the Shark exhibit. Some of them are from the dark Continent so they should pick up on the familiar scent of your Skeleton Coast Ancestors. Think of it as Austin Powers minus mutated Sea Bass with no Laser beams attached to their freakin heads. Chow!
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Date 07/28/2014
Subject Property Shark Problems
You dick fucks, I signed up and was supposed to get one report. Tried to get it and it said that you reached the limit. That's false advertising which will be promptly reported to the FTC.

Ben Dover
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Date 07/28/2014
Subject dirty money turned clean
I am writing to make you aware that I have been offered the services of a woman called karen who works for you in one of your north glasgow branches, who can make business cash deposits go through without question, get any personal amounts through and will show you what investment options can be used to make money go around the system enough that it makes it very hard to track where it originally came from.

I am not a criminal, I do my business dealings with honesty and know that there is a risk when it comes to reporting these activities that could see my friends and family suffer and I am not prepared to do that.

As a bank I believe you should be protecting your legitimate customers from this, these are people who have made money from the misery of others and communities around the country, they should be stopped in their tracks and not encouraged to make more. If there is anything in this, please sort it out before it is passed on to the press. I am a long term customer and I have seen enough going wrong with our banks.

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Date 07/28/2014
Subject Jayson
Bleach does a motor good just watch
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Date 07/28/2014
Subject miss you
Helo. How r u? Its been a long time. I miss u a lot.
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Date 07/27/2014
Subject hes bad
hes a liar cheat junkie and a thief
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Date 07/26/2014
Subject Joel
If you want him go after him. THeir relationship is on shaky grounds. SHe is so jealous everytime he talks to you
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Date 07/26/2014
Subject Georgio POF
Karen he is lying to you. He is 56, pays for "escorts" and is also on several dating sites. You can do better. Don't fall into his trap. Everything he tells you is a lie or a ploy. Trust me, I almost fell for it too.
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Date 07/26/2014
Subject love life
That i wisened up,what was i thinking pushing4 a court process that wld have had me give up a prime peace of real estate & for what? 40k split 6 ways?
& the thanks i get-
-we'll JOIN forces to ensure that u suffer,beg &get no electricity so you tenants will bolt,better kalulu.(the power is back thank god i saved my money&RENT IS UP )
-never come to my house when u make long tiring trips come 4 court sessions!
-dont think im doing anyone any favors when i use my money& make long trips to help.
- if i call me & ask for pocket change loan,il not speak to u 4 a 2 weeks&dont bother to explain or apologize
- dont bother to think u r important to get any explanations ,just be ignored the months later be called & be asked 4 favors,u got the memory of a child or worse you r an idiot.
"It is not difficult to deceive the first time, for the deceived possesses no antibodies and is unvaccinated by suspicion."
-John Updike
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Date 07/25/2014
Subject Wow
So u have been hanging out with someone. Small world.

Wish I would have heard it from u first. Can't believe u
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Date 07/25/2014
Subject sorry
Sorry its not to be mean but you should know that he plays around with u and more girls. Well its not the first time and you have taken him back several times so maybe you approve...have some self respect stef! I even know people that wont use ur salon....
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Date 07/25/2014
Subject Hiding?
Your lover looks lonely, where are you hiding? Get it sorted you can be happy together, love conquers all.
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Date 07/25/2014
Subject you treated me like shit
like i was a commodity. you were cruel to me. you shit on my heart and my feelings. you fucked so many that you don't know who this is. you were never honest with me. you made fun of me with your friends. you only called when u were high. u never asked if i made it home safe. u never cared if i did or didn't. u called me stupid and all sorts of names. one day the names and the hurt will come back to you.
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Date 07/25/2014
Subject i still think about you
here and there
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Date 07/24/2014
Subject i love you
I love you. I want to have you. Leave your husband please.
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Date 07/24/2014
Subject one day you gonna disapear HHAAAAHAAAAHAAAA
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Date 07/23/2014
Subject Look at this
Hi Jim. Did you know when the first Malaysian went missing in March Israeli plane spotters said there was an exact copy of the plane in Israel? They said the plane was the same type and model. They also said it was painted in Malaysian airline colours. The Israeli plane spotters saw the plane come into Israel and said they have never seen it leave. It was suggested at the time Israel had the copy plane for a future false flag. Maybe it left a few days ago to be shot down over Ukraine?
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Date 07/23/2014
Subject When I saw you
From the first time I saw you ... I fell in love ... marry me?
Drop everything for you!
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Date 07/22/2014
Subject Denard Span Bobblehead Nationals Farragut West Ballston - $40 (Ballston)

I am interested in your bobblehead. However, I do not have much money to spare. I do however, have a pretty hot girlfriend who will do whatever you want for this bobblehead. In fact, she will be your bobblehead if you give the extra one to me. I can send you photos if you are interested.

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