Did you ever want to send an email to someone without them knowing exactly who it was that sent it?

Maybe a certain co-worker of yours unknowingly possesses some odoriferous quality and you would like to advise said co-worker as to where he or she may be able to purchase some soap.

Perhaps there's a certain professor who mis-graded a test or paper and you wish to inform the professor of some unique hiking opportunities of which he may want to take advantage.

Has your BFF recently changed into an EX-BFF?
Have you almost given up on the cable company?
Does somebody really need a good talking to?
Is the feces about to make contact with the rotating air cooling device?

Let them know how you really feel!

Date 10/31/2014
Subject you know
You don't deserve her. She knows about the other one. She just chooses to be blind to it. She deserves better.
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Date 10/30/2014
Subject you will mess up
you will mess up and your wife will find out about the text you send and who you send them to. why risk it I could just tell her all I know instead I keep thinking you will wake up and do the right thing. are the other woman worth it
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Date 10/30/2014
Subject Forward
You think hanging on to him is going to make him stay? No....for two weeks he tried to make you see what you meant to him and you flirted with Donnie. Now he is digging on RACHET and wants nothing to do with your ass. So telling him you need him and want him in your next chapter doesn't mean shit to him. Your games and manipulation are done. He doesn't care for you anymore!
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Date 10/30/2014
Subject Your fake facebook name
Now why are you using an abbreviated version of your last name? We both know the answer to that, don't we. I saw you on the sheriff's website. And I think you are still a stalker, because you don't live that far. How on earth did you find out my name? Were you just searching whitepagesfor people in the area that caught your eye?
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Date 10/30/2014
Subject Why the?
Just who do you think you are?
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Date 10/29/2014
Subject project omega "german telekinesis rebellion"
we know us. project omega otherwise LOL!
so.. yo have till sunday 02012014 12:00 MEZ to:
1. declare there is no god
2. deliver me to alien race class A
3. tear down any religious empire

otherwise i will

1. order to transform ebola with sars
2. connect sportive telekinesis to trafficking personal death sentence like i did in yemen
3. trigger plasma core

time which is no time is running!
i'm still undeathable!

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Date 10/29/2014
Subject 97 Ford F150
Hi, I might be interested in the F150 for sale, but not sure I would buy from you.

1. You have about 5 ads up for the same truck at different prices ranging from $1016 up to $1059. Maybe more, just haven't seen them all.

2. You placing that many ads all in one day just makes you look desperate. Another reason i wouldn't buy from you. Even if they were old ads that were updated.

Just post one ad and after 7 days if you have nothing, then post again. But don't update 5 or however many ads you have.

Anyways, good luck with getting buyers like that. If you do want them, like you, they must be desperate.
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Date 10/29/2014
Subject Understanding
let me understand this, you don't want her as a girlfriend, only a friend. You never see her as more then that. You rather find happiness and forever with someone else that could possibly make "memories" or connect with you like she does. But why? She has everything you have ever wanted. She has every thing you longed for. Just because you both made mistakes in the past, you both need to realize 2nd chance are always ten times better! Why can you both come to that understanding?
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Date 10/29/2014
Subject Thursday
Hey baby, I hope you are feeling better. Checking to see if tomorrow is still good. I would like to take you to lunch so would want to pick you up at 11 am. Let me know if this works for you. Do you like Sushi? Do you like Cagen food? If there is some place you want to go that would be fine. I have a couple of places in mind. If you need gas we can gas up your car. We need to talk about November expenses. I will have to leave Bham about 1 pm to go out of town. I really want to see you and talk to you. Please let e know. XOXOXO
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Date 10/28/2014
Subject Trouble
It sounds like you are not very popular with somebody, it is such a shame as we all thought you were so good together but it seems our efforts to help have failed. It is hard to believe that two people who make each other happy end up in such a mess.
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Date 10/28/2014
Subject you are a spamtard
you will burn in hell for sending spam... and here on earth, you fart in the bathtub and eat the bubbles.
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Date 10/28/2014
Subject look into it
you and jeanie@ have been played against each other, both of you going through the same thing.
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Date 10/28/2014
Subject Collegiate Entrepeneurs? More like Collegiate Failures
Hey man,

Look, I'm sending anonymously because I know you have hitmen and will probably most likely try to find me on campus and beat me up. I know those incidents where Bentley students got mugged from your organization. Please stop emailing Bentley students on behalf of Bentley Students. Pyramid schemes are for losers who don't know how to make money.

Thank you,

Your mom.
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Date 10/28/2014
Subject I give up Tammy.
No more attempts to beg for your forgiveness.

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Date 10/28/2014
Subject Be Fair!! of Get Out!!!
We all know you have ridden on Kens coattails for 20 years, you proclaim love and partnership, yet you let him freely have his dalliances whilst you played computer, smoked cigatettesand talked to your dog. You have NEVER been the true life partner to him, only the partner that found the easiest way out and then took-TOOK half of his lifes work. You would not be sitting in the custom house if it were not for him and his visions, your visions were playing computer games, reaching for the next cigarette and planning your next escape to thecasino!
You have lived exclusively in HIS custom home (his parents estate allowed for that house to be bought) and his back backing work tomake it a beautiful home, there you sat. We all know it could have been this life long love of his that he found or a one night stand, you just cant stand the idea that he moved on. You came and took what you wanted now you should go with your ill gotten spoils only after the car is split evenly, you pay monies you used in a account oh and you give him back his fathers handicap placket as you have been seen with at Harrahs and Wild Horse. Go!!! it is over, there nothing left for you but to be the old,haggard,wrinkled fool. Leave
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Date 10/27/2014
Subject I like doing really bad stuff at work, sucking people dicks at work on company time!!
man this chick likes to suck guys dicks at work!! everyone knows this but yet they don't say anything because we all get something from it, you know what I mean?
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Date 10/27/2014
Subject lies
that is all you know is lies you don't even know the truth any more because all you do is lie you lie to your wife you lie about what you do you lie to yourself telling your self it is ok to do what you you do someday you are going to wake up and every thing will be gone and then you can lie about where it all went
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Date 10/27/2014
Subject you talk to everyone else
you talk to everyone else but me about how troubled you are
you're such a fake piece of shit
give me my closure you coward
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Date 10/26/2014
Subject Petershagen
es kann doch alles nicht so schlimm gewesen sein, daß du dich noch immer über das Geschehene ärgerst. Was ist denn schon passiert? Es ist doch nur symbolischer Schaden entstanden!

Trotzdem mache ich es wieder gut! Ich lade dich ein zu zwei Nächten mit einem Freier deiner Wahl (wenn du willst auch mit mir) im Schloss Petershagen, Termin ist frei wählbar. Buchung erfolgt direkt nach deiner Nachricht.

Du kannst auch als Mann dorthin kommen, denn es handelt sich hier um ein schwulenfreundliches Hotel.

Lieben Gruss
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Date 10/26/2014
Subject Blank
You should think about how you treat a nice lady. Also you make a nice living and should think about things.
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