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Date 10/01/2014
Subject Life
Life will make sure you get what you deserve. Karma's a bitch and you'll get yours.
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Date 10/01/2014
Subject Every time
Every time something bad happens in your life, be certain that's karma for what you did to her. Life will make you pay. You'd met her, you'd know about her and you didn't care. You're abhorrent.
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Date 10/01/2014
Subject Random Drug Test
I urge you to a drug test on your employees who handle your business at night. Be careful who you offer position too. Drug of choice you will be surprised.
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Date 09/30/2014
Subject Cialis is available online
Get some so you can achieve a quasi stiffer then stuff it in your mouth and STFU. People just barely tolerate you becuz they have to. Not cuz they actually like you. Yeh no one does.
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Date 09/30/2014
Subject What a Classy Mother You Are
u and ur foul mouth - what a great example u r 4 those kiddos - now the 4th on the way? Whos da daddy dis time? Or do u even know? Prolly not being ur a skank and a ho and spread so easy. ppl feel sorry 4 kiddos with u 4 a mother - ur unfit ur disgusting and those kids will b in trouble young - after all they have u as their role model - drugs n drinkin young - prolly one or two will end up in jail - ur girl will b knocked up young and boys knocking up young 2 - totally pathetic beyond belief - u shudnt have ever benn allowed 2 reproduce - ur dead daddy be rollin in his grave - u do nuthin 2 make him proud - ur a disgrace
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Date 09/30/2014
Subject It Happened To Me: My girlfriend accused me of rape because I masturbated while holding her butt when she was asleep
She didn't wake up while I did it and would have never known if I wouldn't have told her.
My Girlfriend of six years yesterday was trying in some kind of kinky mood to bring me to confess to having masturbated at work. I finally gave in and admitted to having done it. She joked about this being the reason for my staying at work late sometimes. She said I was free to relieve myself at home whenever I felt like it. Spurred on by the sultry conversation I told her that I once did just that, ...yesterday, ...in our bed, ...while she was asleep, ...and that I touched her butt while I did it.
That's when I got accused of rape by my girlfriend of six years. Yes she used that term, explaining to me that her not being able to give her consent to be touched at that moment meant that me "using" her for my sexual pleasure is meeting the definition of rape and that it was a serious wrongdoing.
So let me describe what earned me the most serious accusation I ever faced.
Don't believe that our relationship is in some way cold or non physical. We hug and kiss a lot, for the amount we still do it after six years some people wold call us clingy. We have sex, if not as often as we used to. She likes to be cuddled at night and we often fall asleep doing it. She once told me, she wold be ok with me penetrating her as long as she could keep sleeping. Of cause I never did since this is impractical.
So knowing all that and not being able to fall asleep that night, I decided to masturbate right there beside her and to feel her body while I did it. So I started stroking and lay my free hand on one of her butt cheeks, which worked great for me. I didn't touch her elsewhere, I didn't touch her genitals. I also didn't exert any force while touching her although I expected her to wake up and would have been ok with that. I even hoped she would wake up because it would make the situation even more exciting. But I didn't want to purposely wake her up, so I just kept touching her the same way I do when I cuddle her at night. For those of you who want to know, it did the trick for me, speeding up my release. I had a satisfying orgasm and was finally able to fall asleep shortly after.
And here I was on the next day facing the accusation of rape from my very angry girlfriend. Of cause I laid out all details to her. I explained to her that while touching someone without their consent while masturbating technically meets some definitions of rape, it is a vastly exaggerated claim in the context of a relationship that includes regular mutually agreed sexual contact. Especially when the person doing it shares affection and love with you and did it because he likes you and finds you hot, not intending to hurt you physically or emotionally.
After a heated discussion she didn't back down and the accusation of rape still stands between us. I don't expect her to press charges, what I did certainly doesn't meet the definition of rape by law and she knows that. But that is one piece of narrow minded world view that is hard to digest and receiving this claim from the person you love hurts a lot.

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Date 09/30/2014
My darling, this is a thank you. Thank you for coming into my life and giving me joy, thank you for loving me and receiving my love in return. Thank you for the memories I will cherish forever. But most of all, thank you for showing me that there will come a time when I will have to eventually let you go, I sometimes wonder if I ever will be able to do so....Do You Know?? I hope you do !!!
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Date 09/30/2014
Subject Every time
Every time something bad happens to you, be sure it's for and because of what you did to her, you abhorrent person.
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Date 09/30/2014
Subject ridiculous
why does she still pretend that she didnt know anythin ?
a simple apology from her and that is it, no need for more
once she will assume every one will feel better and move on, you , you re just passive as always, tell her to
admit and assume the consequences
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Date 09/29/2014
Subject Give it away now
Temper tantrums awayz happening. You don't love her and she wants to walk away....why not let her? Think about it, you will finally "breath" and not feel like a bad person because you talk to someone or are friends with someone. Let her go. Let her walk. Don't let her or you turn back. Things will never be like they one time were. Time to move on. Plenty of others out there who won't use the past against you. Who will cherish you. Who will give you what you need. She will never forgive you of the past. She will always judge you at everything you do. She will always be the bitch she is. Free yourself from her bs. Haha...bs
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Date 09/29/2014
Subject Shenanigans
Brent, you need to know what Hailey is up to when you are out of town. She is still a little girl in your eyes but to boys her age and older she is... more. We can tell when you are miles away because her attire becomes so skanky we hardly recognize her. Near sheer white, super tight shorts painted on over barely there thongs, string bikini tops covering only the necessities.. It makes us sad and worried because we have known her since she was four. And we know she has such a bright future, it would just suck if she continued down this path and never returned.
We are not trying to piss you off or embarrass anyone, we just can't step in and redirect your girl. Only you can.
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Date 09/28/2014
Subject Hope
You better hope being a slut isn't genetic, for Sophie's sake.
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Date 09/28/2014
Subject Price is Right
You used to watch this show right? House listing suggests otherwise.
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Date 09/26/2014
Subject We are concerned!!
Hello Naomi!

While I appreciate you spreading word of our lord and saviour and his wisdom, I must be cautious. While you are a bright-smiling, lovely girl, there have been too many concerned indivuals coming to us with some less-than-holy information about you. While we didn't believe it at first, a check on your Facebook page only confirmed our worst fears. You are not married, yet have a child. The rumors of the townspeople are not rumors anymore in our eyes, but facts. We know about you, Naomi. And your past.

We suggest detaining yourself from our religion immediately, as you are not pure. We will be praying for you.

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Date 09/26/2014
Subject 10A Football Coach's Fighting
Last night at the football game the assistant coach for 10A Park Center got out of control, the kids where playing football at their game when a parent yelled out lets teach them how to block when the assistant coach turned to that parent and told him to mind his own business. The head coach then said this isn’t the time or place to be yelling. The assistant coach not letting it go then yelled back and said get your ass out of here before I come over there and kick it. Then the parent said come over here and the assistant coach started walking over there to go fight with him, the head coach the grabbed him and pulled him back but the assistant coach still yelling telling the parent to come to him so he can kick his ass.
The conduct that happens here was way out of control this coach needs to be let go, to have any of the kids watching this was wrong, this coach was totally out of control. I do have this on video but I do not want to say who I am because I do not want action taken out on my son. If this coach does not get let go this video will make its way to YouTube and the news. I don’t want to turn this video into anybody because the football team is on a roll right now and I don’t want a distraction on the team. Please take care of this problem.
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Date 09/26/2014
Subject Kristina
You are a nice guy. So it should be fair to let you know that Kristina is dating someone else. I'm sorry she hurts you...
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Date 09/26/2014
Subject Sincere apology to all
Both sides put each other thru things that didnt have to happen and it doesnt matter anymore whether you feel if you've won or not, maybe you have but there will be no going thru or back to this mess anymore. YES YOU WANT IT TO BE SAID YOU HAVE WON SO BE HAPPY ABOUT IT. Neither side is heartless regardless of what each side has accused each of or this could have been much worst. Both sides pull others into it whereas it should have never happened. No one but the 2 sides know what really did or did not happen and that doesnt even matter anymore. Both should move on to a more peaceful existence. FOR ALL THE STRESS and hurt caused to you and your better half deserve an sincere apology for it. If things could be taken back the wish would happen but cant,there was so much meanness in this when it didnt have to be. Friendships end its life but what happened afterward didnt need or should have happened and the other side will suffer their own consequences for it. THE REALIZATION IS you could still make things worst for this person and if you choose too its your choice, still with this YOU AND YOUR BETTER HALF DESERVE AN SINCERE APOLOGY FOR ALL WRONG DOINGS THAT HAVE COME YOUR WAY BECAUSE OF THIS PARTY AND KNOW YOU BOTH WILL NOT B BOTHERED ANYMORE BY THIS PERSON. ALL ASKED BY THIS PARTY IS PLEASE STOP THE BAD-MOUTHING OR IF YOU HAVE PLEASE DONT. They really want to move on and heal and they want it for you too so it is proimised to stay out of your life and things associated with you. Just want a peaceful existence from all accusations.
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Date 09/25/2014
Subject Cheer coach issue
I am a parent of the 3rd grade cheer squad, with Jen as the coach. Monday night during cheer practice, coach Brenner hit her daughter across the face during practice. The child sat on the ground and cried while the other girls and coaches watched. The children have told their parents and my daughter said she is "scared to make coach Jen mad." I was unaware of this until tonight and my daughter said she didn't tell me because she knew I would be upset. I find this unaaccepteable. This program should be a positive self esteem building activity. It is not!

Although other parents are upset they fear retribution from this football/cheer organization if they report it! Many will report it at the end of the season.
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Date 09/25/2014
Subject LBHT

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Date 09/25/2014
Subject You Okay?
Didn't mean to upset you honey bear.I guess things are still pretty fresh and raw between us. I'm taking a chance hoping I can trust you...and you know what I mean cuz you're very intelligent. Are you okay? I'm asking cuz I still love and care about you even if you don't think so. Nobody knows about us...but us...so we should talk...if you want. No fights jus us smoothing things out so we both can move on. I apologized that night to you but I'll say it again. I'm extremely sorry. No buts, no denials. Just sorry. I hope you forgive me. We can talk about finances here.
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